Spring Safety for Cats

As the chilly weather of winter gives way to the warmer breezes of springtime, it’s important to keep your cat’s safety in mind. That way, you can enjoy this spring with your cat in health and happiness! Read on as your vet Rochester, NY offers a few tips.

Pest Control

Spring is prime-time for fleas, ticks, worms, mosquitoes, and other critters waiting to latch on to your pet and wreak havoc. Even cats who remain indoors are at risk, as these pests can find their way inside or be carried in on humans or other pets. Keep Fluffy on year-round preventative medications to avoid the risk.


With spring comes open doors, cracked windows, and plenty of opportunities for your cat to dart out and run away. Aside from being proactive to make sure your cat doesn’t have an escape route, the best thing to do is keep them properly identified. Talk to your vet if your cat needs ID tags or a microchip.

Cleaning Carefully

Spring cleaning can prove hazardous to cats if you’re using strong chemicals. Keep your pet elsewhere until spring cleaning is finished.

Does your feline friend need an office appointment? Call your veterinarian Rochester, NY.

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