Socializing Your Kitten

If kittens are socialized properly when they’re young, they’ll grow up into well-mannered, properly adjusted adult cats. Learn how to socialize your kitten with these tips from your Scottsdale, AZ vet.


Newborns should be picked up gently and held for a few minutes at a time to get them used to human contact. Don’t overdo it, though—handling too frequently or not allowing enough time with the mother cat can be a bad thing! Consult your veterinarian for more specifics.

A Few Weeks of Age

As kittens grow older, more frequent handling can occur. Their ears, eyes, and other senses are more developed now, so several handling sessions throughout the day is acceptable. Several-week-old kittens are also starting to develop stalking and hunting instincts, so toys can soon be introduced.

Seven Weeks and Above

By seven weeks or so, kittens should be developing into well-adjusted cats, provided they’ve had the proper human contact up until now. At this point, other socialization techniques, like crate training and interactions with other pets, can begin to be introduced.

You’re not alone in the socialization process for your kitten. Call your Scottsdale, AZ veterinary clinic to find out more about quality kitten care.

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