Socialize Your Kitten

When it comes to any kitten, it is imperative that you socialize it to promote healthy growth and relationships. Cats who have been appropriately socialized in their youth end up being far more easy to deal with. Here are some ideas for how to start. For more information, check with your Niagara Falls vet.


You can begin as early as two weeks if it is a newborn. You don’t want to wait too long though, as after eight or nine weeks, it can be more and more difficult. Ask your Niagara Falls vet for the best timeline.


Handle the kitten early so it gets used to touch. Ideally, let it play with the others in its litter, or with a cat who has the right disposition to tolerate new kittens. Let your kitten walk and get used to different types of surfaces. Ask your Niagara Falls vet for any safety concerns with your kitten.

Socialized cats are the best behaved and lead to fewer problems. A little bit of effort in the beginning will go a long way. For more tips, consult your Niagara Falls vet.


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