Sibling Rivalry

It’s the exciting new day – you are bringing your newly adopted furry family member home for the first time. You are excited for all of the fun play dates you’ll get to have between your old dog, your new dog, and yourself! But unfortunately, when you get home, they aren’t the happiest to meet one another. What should you do? Always check with your Indianapolis vet for the best advice.

  1. Check Beforehand

First of all, the best way to avoid this is to test any new dog with your current one in order to make sure there’s a good match. The first time they meet should not be after the adoption itself. For help with introductions, ask your Indianapolis vet.

  1. Start Small

If you need both dogs to get along, start out by separating them. Slowly expose them to one another for a little bit of time each day and make sure not to leave them unattended. For more, check with your Indianapolis vet.

Hopefully, in no time, both of your dogs will be close friends! If you have any additional concerns, always check with your Indianapolis vet.

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