Service Dogs

It’s very important that certain rules be obeyed when working with a service dog. Service dogs are wonderful creatures which allow people with disabilities to interact with the world. For example, a seeing eye dog can safely help a blind person navigate around town, and specially trained service dogs can help veterans with PTSD and anxiety. So how should you interact with them? For more information, check with your Calabasas vet.

Ask the Owner

First of all, don’t interact with a service dog while she’s working unless you have the permission of the owner. It’s important that when the vest or harness is on the dog, it remains in “work mode”. For more, ask your Calabasas vet.

Don’t Correct the Dog

The only one who should be issuing commands to the dog is the owner. This is because a dog can eventually be confused if multiple people are giving him instructions. For the best dog care, check with your Calabasas vet.

Service dogs are great and helpful animals. We all love them, but remember to love from a distance. If you have any questions about caring for a service dog, check with your Calabasas vet.

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