Rats as Pets

If you’re considering adding a pocket pet to your family, you may want to think about a rat. They might have an unsavory reputation, but it’s undeserved—rats can make wonderful pets! Learn more here from an Aurora, CO vet.

Basic Rat Care

Rats will require a large cage, bedding material, a few hiding spots, and several toys to keep them entertained. Rats eat a commercial rat diet, widely available at pet stores, veterinarians’ offices, and retail outlets. A rat’s diet should also be supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables, some grains, and occasional meat scraps.

Rats should get at least an hour of exercise time per day to keep themselves healthy. Many rat owners take their pet out of the cage daily, allowing them to explore and bond with their human owners.

Rat Behavior

Rats are intelligent, social, and friendly creatures. It’s worth noting that a rat may be happiest when paired with another rat—for this reason, you may want to consider getting two. It’s also important to realize that rats are largely nocturnal. You may want to keep the cage in a room where no family members sleep.

Call your veterinary clinic Aurora, CO office for more information.

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