Quick Tips for Walking Your Pooch at Night

At some point or another, you’ll probably take your dog for a walk at night. This might be because of your own schedule, or your dog’s preferences. Just make sure you do it safely! Below, your veterinarians Murrieta, CA offers a few tips.

Make Yourselves Visible

If you walk your dog at night frequently, consider purchasing a leash, collar, vest, or harness that has reflective strips sewn in. This makes your dog much more visible to passing motorists. And do the same for yourself—try reflective shoes, hats, or jackets.

Use a Leash

It’s always safest to keep your dog on a leash while walking, especially at night. This is true even if your dog is exceedingly well trained. Even well-mannered dogs can be startled or decide to dart off in pursuit of a squirrel. Better to be safe than sorry!

Choose Wide Roads

Walk on sidewalks whenever you can. If you must walk on the road, try choosing a route with wide shoulders. This gives you a little more room to work with, especially when cars are passing at nighttime.

Contact your veterinarian Murrieta, CA for more tips on walking your dog at night. We’re here to help!

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