The Problem with Dr. Google

We all know someone who has gone on the Internet to see what their symptoms might mean overall. It seems harmless, but too often, this leads to a misdiagnosis, causing far greater problems than if the person had just gone to the doctor to begin with. Now, it’s happening with our pets, too!

Overload of Information

With the Internet, information is available and at everyone’s beck and call. With the stroke of a few keys, you can easily find out how many steps are in the Empire State Building (1,860) or even the the depth of the Marianas Trench on the ocean floor (36,201 ft – almost 7 miles). There’s a litany of information that makes each of our lives a little bit easier. But there’s one element that it hasn’t helped: a phenomenon known as “Dr. Google.”

How it Happens

Dr. Google is what happens when individuals look up their symptoms on the Internet, trying to save a few dollars by diagnosing their pets’ conditions digitally rather than taking them in to the vet.

On the surface, this doesn’t seem like too terrible an idea. If your dog Spark has a slight cough, you might be tempted to simply enter the symptoms into an online search. The problem with this, though, is that Spark’s cough could be happening for a plethora of reasons. Furthermore, there could be some other symptoms you haven’t noticed or can’t detect on your own.

The Concerns

Veterinarians and vet techs go to a lot of trouble to learn all they can about the non-human members of our families. They often know a great deal about the specifics of Spark’s needs as far as what disease he might have as well as offering the best course of treatment. These are not idle issues, as there is often new research that the professionals at your local vet clinics have reviewed for your pet’s condition.

The only sure way to make sure that your pet stays healthy is to take him or her to the vet. Don’t put Spark in unnecessary peril by trying the “at home” self-diagnosis. Dr. Google might be cheaper in the short term, but it could also result in a misdiagnosis which will only cost far more in the long run. If you are in the vicinity of Evans, visit the link for Evans vet clinic to check out more information and find a team of doctors who can give Spark a clean bill of health.

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