Preventing Canine Separation Anxiety

There are many things which can affect your special furry family member. One of the biggest and most common is actually separation anxiety. For the best information on separation anxiety, check with your Portland, OR vet clinic.

Don’t Make Leaving a Big Deal

First of all, something most people end up having to leave their dog at home while they go to work. This can lead to large cases of separation anxiety. One way to combat this is to not make leaving a “big deal”. Be as low key as possible and leave on something like the radio or television to provide background noise. Check with your Portland, OR vet clinic for more tips.

Packing for Vacation

Another way to help mitigate separation anxiety is to make sure that you pack the day before. That way your dog won’t associate packing a suitcase with you leaving. For more, check with your Portland, OR vet clinic.

Everyone loves their furry companions and we all want the best for them. It’s important to ensure that your pet’s mental health is looked after. For more advice on this, check with your veterinarians Portland, OR today.

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