Preparing for Your Dog

It’s a big decision to adopt a dog. It will be challenging but very rewarding. One of the best things that you can do to minimize the challenge is to be as prepared as possible for your dog before he or she ever makes it to your home. For the best advice, check with your Indianapolis vet.


It goes without saying that your dog will need food. But make sure that you get the right type. Check with your Indianapolis vet to determine which type of food is best for your breed. Make sure you stock enough to get through the first few weeks, but don’t stock too much in case you have to end up switching it.


Your dog will be staying with you – but what will his or her accommodations be? Will he or she be in a crate? Will the dog be indoor or outdoor, thus needing a doghouse? These are important questions to consider. Ask your pet clinic Indianapolis about dog-proofing your house.

Dogs add greatly to our lives. Make sure to enjoy it and ask your Indianapolis vet if you have concerns.

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