Why Playing with Cats is Important

Many cat owners relish in the time they get to spend playing with their cats. Sometimes, though, kittens and cats don’t get as much play as is good for them. There are many good reasons for playing with your cats, just ask your Colorado Springs vet.


Your cat is a natural hunter. It is at its height in terms of satisfaction and joy when it is plying its nature-inspired trade. Playtime allows these traits to exhibit themselves in your cat without having to risk it going outside and actually hunting, where it can get injured. Your Colorado Springs vet can provide more.


Your cat might feel a great deal of frustration in not being able to participate in the outside world that it views through the window. Playtime is an engaging way to alleviate these frustrations. Your Colorado Springs vet can offer more guidance.


Playtime is a wonderful way to engage shy cats. This can work wonders for any cat and often times you will notice improvement almost immediately. Ask your Colorado Springs vet for more ways to build confidence in your cat.


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