Pets and Stress

We all in the Fort Collins area love little four-legged furry creatures. They seem to know us – sometimes better than we know ourselves. Whether it’s the dog that rests its head in your lap when you’re feeling down or the cat that rubs itself against your leg when you’re gloomy, pet owners for a long time have sworn by the emotional benefits that they provide.

Many, however, are unaware that the effect isn’t just emotional. Pets of all sorts can have many lasting physical benefits. Yes, it’s true, your dog or cat can help you live a longer, fuller life, especially with your Fort Collins vet clinic!

Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that owning a pet can actually alleviate the stress that comes with negative life circumstances. Sure enough, pets can provide for people some of the similar benefits that human friendships offer. Just ask your Fort Collins veterinarian. If you’ve had a tough day and things have just not gone your way, a dog or cat could be just what you need to lower your blood pressure when it matters most!

Real-life Social Networks

Whereas virtual social networks like Facebook and Twitter can keep us in touch with people over a great distance, pets can help provide real-life social networks. Whether it’s meeting people when out for a walk or positive interactions with your veterinarian, these animal-generated relationships actually put more people into our lives than would normally be there. This has an enormous positive impact on psychological health as more contact with people engenders a positive reaction from the brain. Your Fort Collins vet clinic will agree we are social creatures by nature and our pets help reinforce this.

Unconditional Love

Our pets provide unconditional love that can help pull us through gloomy days. The physical contact elicits similar reactions to human physical contact and everyone gets an emotional boost from petting a puppy or kitten. They provide a warm body to snuggle with and love. This is further evidenced by pet therapy animals which go into hospitals and nursing homes to provide companionship with residents who might be cut off from regular human contact. Check with your Fort Collins vet.

They play with us, they listen to us, and they love us. There is nothing on this planet like a pet to share your life with. It’s a relationship which has existed for thousands of years. Your Fort Collins vet will agree, we’ve developed a tighter, deeper connection with our pets, it’s been demonstrated countless times that a person’s life expectancy with a pet is higher than one without.

For more information on how pets can positively affect your life, check with your Fort Collins animal hospital for more information.


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