Pamper Your Senior Dog with These Care Tips

If your dog is getting up there in the age department, he needs your loving care now more than ever. Use these quick tips from an Olathe, KS veterinarian to pamper your senior pooch:

Feed a Senior Diet

All dogs should be fed a specially formulated senior diet, made especially for the nutritional needs of older dogs. This will keep all aspects of your aging pet’s health in order; ask your veterinarian to recommend a quality senior diet that will suit your dog well.

Consider Home Modification

You can buy or build pet ramps to help your dog up onto furniture or up and down the staircase. Try raising your dog’s food and water dishes onto a small platform, like a shoebox, so that he doesn’t have to bend the neck as far to eat and drink.

Provide a Soft Bed

Your dog will absolutely love a soft, plush bed to lie down on and rest their bones at the end of a long, hard day. Include a few warm blankets to protect your pet from any cool drafts.

Does your elderly dog need a veterinary examination? Make an appointment today to have him see your vet clinic Olathe, KS professional.

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