Saving Money on Your Pet Expenses

There are many ways that you can really stretch your dollar in dealing with pet supplies. Here are some really simple ways to save money without your four-legged companion seeing any difference in its quality of care:

  1. Buy Online and in Bulk

The internet is a wonderful tool that gives all of us the ability to find most anything we want – and cheap! The two most common things that our furry family members need are food and treats. So one of the best places to look for these is on the internet. You can often find larger quantities for less money. Amazon offers a subscription service where when some items are ordered on a regular basis, you stand to save up to 15% and have your purchases show up at your doorstep. It beats a trip to the store any day!

  1. A Coin Jar and a Pet Savings Account

A coin jar is an old trick, but has some very real applications. If everyone in the family hunts for coins and deposits loose change, before you know it, there will be enough money for a new toy! This is a simple way to purchase one just in time for the old one to wear out. Furthermore, an actual pet savings account with a little bit of money set aside each month can help to defray the costs of a procedure later on. Preparing for the rainy day could even save your furry family member’s life!

  1. Dental Care and Regular Exercise

Two of the biggest things that you can do to save money and extend their live are to make sure they get enough exercise and brush their teeth daily. No one doubts the positive health benefits of exercise to all animals – even humans! The key is getting it done. What does tend to surprise people is that brushing your pet’s teeth daily can result in huge savings on dental procedures. Letting plaque accumulate on their teeth all but guarantees you will have to spend money to fix them.

If you incorporate all of these strategies into your pet’s long-term care, you will come out a winner. There are so many small tricks you can do to save money on pet care, and without your dog or cat ever missing a beat!

If you are in the Oceanside area and you would like more information about pet care, visit your oceanside vet!