Why Adopt an Older Pet?

Thinking of adopting a pet? Don’t think that a puppy or kitten is your only choice. Older pets need loving homes as well! Here, your North Phoenix, AZ vet tells you a few of the reasons why adopting an older pet might be the right choice for you.

Lower Energy Level

Not loving the idea of supervising a rambunctious pet 24/7? An older animal may be just the solution. Older pets are calmer and have worked through their high-energy phase, and they’re perfect for pet owners who prefer to relax with their animal companion most of the time.

Manners and Training

Older pets, especially if they’ve already lived with a family, likely have manners and may even be trained. This way, you won’t have to train your new pet to use the bathroom, not scratch, how to get in a carrier, etc.

Save a Life

Of course, older pets are just as deserving—and in need of—loving homes to call their own. By adopting an older pet, you’re saving the life of an animal who may otherwise not have a chance at a happy life!

Does your new friend need their first checkup? Call your North Phoenix, AZ vet.