Disaster Preparedness Tips for Pet Owners

The scary thing about disaster situations is that you simply never know when one might affect you. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a man-made event, you’ll want to be prepared. Here are some tips from a vet Lewisville, TX to be prepared for a disaster when you own a pet. 

Identify your pet.

Proper identification can be a lifesaver in an emergency. Have your pet microchipped, and keep up-to-date ID tags on their collar. That way, they’ll remain constantly identified even if they get lost in the hustle and bustle of an emergency. 

Prepare an emergency kit.

Packing an emergency kit is a good idea in the event you need to leave home in a hurry. Include basic medical supplies for pets, as well as canned food (and a can opener), bottled water, dishes, blankets, and a pet bed. You might also consider packing your pet’s medical records in a waterproof bag. 

Have a plan. 

Plan a route out of town, and check on pet-friendly motels or with friends and family members who live elsewhere. Know where you’ll go if you need to leave in a hurry!

Call your veterinary clinic Lewisville, TX for more tips on disaster preparedness.