Outdoor Hazards for Cats

Indoor cats are, on the whole, far safer than cats who are allowed to roam outdoors unsupervised. Here, your Greensboro, NC veterinarian tells you about just three of the many hazards outdoor cats face:

Dangerous Substances

Antifreeze, poisonous plants, stagnant water that houses bacteria or mosquito eggs—the list of dangerous substances in the great outdoors goes on and on. It’s not worth the risk of infection or infestation for your cat, so keep them indoors to be safe.

Wild Animals

Cats who roam outside are far more likely to encounter snakes, possums, raccoons, and other wild animals who may not appreciate a chance encounter. Even other house pets who are outdoors can get into scuffles with your animal companion.


Of course, outdoor cats are at a high risk for unfortunate encounters with cars and trucks, especially if you live in a high-traffic area. It’s simply not worth the risk—keep your cat indoors where they’ll be comfortable and hazard-free.

Does your cat need a veterinary examination, vaccinations, or pest-control products? Do you have further questions on keeping your cat safe inside your home? Don’t hesitate to call your veterinarians Greensboro, NC to speak with a veterinary professional.

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