Odor-Control Tips for Pet Owners

It’s not uncommon for our pets to start leaving a bit of a stench around our homes after a while. How do you combat this to keep your home smelling fresh and clean? Try these tips from a vet in Oshawa, ON:


Groom your pet regularly. This means brushing the coat to remove loose and dead fur and spread essential skin oils through the hair. The occasional bath—using a feline- or canine-formulated shampoo, of course—is another great way to keep pets smelling their best.

Pet-Specific Products

Standard household cleaners or disinfectants may not be as effective on pet odors and pet stains. That’s because they’re not formulated for the mess you’re cleaning up. Try using pet-specific products made to combat stains and odors from vomit, feces, urine, hair, and other pet detritus.

See Your Vet

If your pet smells particularly foul, or if they’ve suddenly developed an odor, it’s time to set up an appointment at the vet’s office. Skin infections, disease, parasites, and other health issues could be the root cause! You’ll want to have your pet treated before things get worse.

Want more tips on controlling pet odors? Give your veterinarians Oshawa, ON a call.

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