Natural Concerns for Older Cats

As any animal ages, there are some very specific health concerns to look out for. Make sure that you’re keeping an eye on your cat’s behavior. But there are some bodily functions that you can prepare for so that you can contact your Indianapolis vet when needed.


Like most elderly mammals, arthritis is a concern. You can visibly see evidence of joint pain and inflammation by looking at Fluffy’s behavior. Is she not able to access places she used to? Talk to your Indianapolis vet for other signs. Check with your Indianapolis vet.


Age has an effect on energy levels and metabolism. If your cat starts gaining weight unexpectedly, age can often be a factor. It might become necessary to change Fluffy’s diet.

Dental Disease

Cats need regular dental care. Brushing Fluffy’s teeth often can help assure that you stave off the costs and pain of any sort of plaque buildup or tooth decay. These conditions are far more common in elderly cats.

Keeping a regular open dialog with your veterinary clinic Indianapolis is important as your cat ages. This will help Fluffy live out her golden years in comfort.

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