My Puppies are Walking!

When your baby starts walking, the baby-proofing begins. Should you do the same with puppies? Your Livonia, MI can help you prepare for having mobile puppies.


Most puppies can crawl within one to two weeks after birth, so they’re mobile, but can’t go very far. They can already touch and taste things. Your Livonia, MI can help you and your puppy get through these early days!


Puppies begin to walk when they’re between two and four weeks old. Their senses of hearing and smell become more developed too, so they’re ready to explore. They also begin to bark and wag their tails. Their eyesight should be well-developed by week four or five. If your puppy is more than four weeks old and not walking, talk to your Livonia, MI.

Puppy Proofing

Once your puppies start walking, they’ll need supervision both from their mothers and you! Keep puppies in a safe area, but make sure they have room to explore. Put away anything that may be dangerous, such as sharp objects or electrical cords. Your animal hospital Livonia, MI can give you more information about puppy-proofing your house.

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