My Cat Won’t Stop Biting

Cats play a little too rough sometimes, but what do you do when they are consistently aggressive? Cats bite people for several reasons. Your Colorado Springs, CO vet can discuss them with you.


Some cats bite to be aggressive, but others bite during play. If your cat seems relaxed and isn’t vocalizing, he’s probably playing. If he hisses or growls, he’s being aggressive. If you’re not sure, ask your Colorado Springs, CO vet.


Cats may lash out at people when they’re anxious or scared. If your cat starts biting people after a change in his environment – a new house or a new pet in the house – this could be the reason. Even if no change is obvious, your cat may still be anxious. You may want to discuss this possibility with your Colorado Springs, CO vet.


If your cat is playing rough, make sure he has a variety of toys to keep him occupied. Don’t let cats play with your hands or feet, because they won’t distinguish them from toys. You can consider adopting another cat for a playmate. You should consult your Colorado Springs, CO vet before adopting a new cat.

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