Male or Female Cat?

With cats, there are many different character traits in respect to gender. If you’re stuck between a few options for adoption, this could help you make the decision. Whereas all cat personalities differ, there are some common threads. Make sure and check with your Indianapolis vet clinic for more details.


When you consider what gender to get, keep a few things in mind. For one, male cats tend to be bigger in size. Also, they tend to be more affectionate right off the bat. It isn’t that female cats aren’t, but they can sometimes take longer to warm up to an owner.


One of the major drawbacks of having a male cat is spraying. This can be an incredibly difficult behavior to curtail without neutering. Your Indianapolis vet clinic will have more ideas as well. Although female cats will still sometimes spray, they do so far less frequently than their male counterparts.

All of these factors are important to consider. If you have any questions, simply ask your Indianapolis vet clinic for more details.


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