Maintaining Your Cat’s Dental Health

It’s all too easy to overlook your cat’s dental health—after all, it’s difficult to get a good look inside Fluffy’s mouth! Dental problems are common, though, so it’s an important area of healthcare. Learn more here from a Frisco, TX veterinarian.

Quality Diet and Fresh Water

Step one for maintaining your cat’s dental health: feed them a good diet to provide all of the essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients needed for a healthy mouth. Giving them a constant supply of fresh water is another great way to keep the mouth clean.

Regular Mouth Checks

Try to sit down with your cat at least once a week to examine the mouth. (This may be easiest when your cat is sleepy.) Take note of anything amiss, like swelling, inflammation/redness, excessive brown plaque build-up, or bleeding, and let your veterinarian know right away.

Veterinary Exams

There’s nothing better for your cat’s mouth than examinations by the professionals. Your veterinarian can determine what kind of shape your feline friend’s mouth is in, and whether or not a professional cleaning is warranted. To get your cat an appointment for a dental examination, call your pet clinic Frisco, TX today. We’re here for you!

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