Litter Box Problems

Cats are picky about lots of things, including their litter boxes. Cats stop using their boxes for many reasons. Your Marietta, GA vet can help you determine what that may be.


If you’ve changed the location of their litter box or the type of litter, cats may not want to use it. The box should be easily accessible. Older cats may have trouble getting into of a covered box or one with high sides. Your Marietta, GA vet can advise you about the best type of box and litter for your cat.

Other Issues

If your cat has a traumatic experience involving the litter box, he may stop using it. Inter-cat conflict– if one is preventing the others from using the box– can also be to blame. Medical problems could also cause cats to avoid the litter box. Your Marietta, GA vet can check for these issues.


Scoop your cat’s box regularly– cats prefer cleanliness! You can also try changing the type of box or its location. Make sure you have multiple boxes for multiple cats. Watch out for inter-cat conflicts or medical problems, and keep your veterinary clinic Marietta, GA informed!

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