Keeping Your Pet Healthy Through Preventative Care

Preventative medicine is simply the best way to go about keeping your animal friend happy and healthy throughout his or her lifetime. What are the essentials of preventative care? Your Omaha, NE vet fills you in below.



All pets need their vaccines! This is your animal companion’s first line of defense against dangerous diseases like parvovirus, parainfluenza, distemper, hepatitis, calicivirus, rabies, and others. See your veterinarian promptly if your pet needs vaccinated, or if you’re not sure whether or not your four-legged friend has already been vaccinated.


Pest-Control Products

It’s much easier and simpler to prevent the health issues of fleas, ticks, disease-carrying mosquitoes, and parasitic worms rather than deal with them after the fact. Your pet should be wearing seasonal or year-round preventative medications to stop these pests in their tracks. Talk to your veterinary professional if your pet is in need.


Veterinary Visits

Don’t forget that visits to the vet’s office are, in and of themselves, one of the best preventative healthcare techniques that you can practice! Keep your beloved pet healthy with at least two office visits per year. If your pet is due for an appointment, call your Veterinary Clinic Omaha, NE to get started.

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