Keeping Your Indoor Cat Entertained

Your indoor cat leads a great life! However, it’s important to keep them stimulated properly to avoid behavioral issues and maintain their overall health. Use these tips from an Aurora, CO veterinarian to do just that.


Every cat loves their toys. Be sure to provide your feline friend with a rotation of quality playthings to keep her mind engaged and her body active. Also make sure that your cat has a scratching post to get out her clawing instincts on.

Cat Tree

Cat trees are a welcome addition to many feline households. These structures provide multiple high-level perches for your cat, from which she can survey her territory. Many even come with built-in toys and scratching posts. Head to your local pet supply shop to pick one up.


Have you considered getting your indoor cat a companion? Many cats enjoy the company of another feline, or in some cases, a canine companion. Talk to your veterinarian for more information on owning multiple pets, as well as how to introduce a new furry family member to your household.

Does your cat need veterinary attention? Set up an appointment today at your Vets Aurora, CO. We’re here to help!

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