Keeping Your Dog Calm at the Vet’s Office

Does your dog get nervous when the word “vet” is mentioned? He’s not alone! Many of our canine companions don’t like visiting the vet’s office. Learn how to keep your dog calm from a Frisco, TX veterinarian.

Car Anxiety

Many dogs don’t like going to the vet because of the car ride. This is especially true if your car only ever takes Fido to the vet’s office! Go on practice runs to fun places, like the park or through a drive-through to get your dog a treat. For severe car anxiety, talk to your vet about medication.

Fake Exams

Try giving your dog mock exams in the days leading up to Fido’s veterinary appointment. Prop them up on a table and prod them a bit, allowing them to get used to the sensations they’ll feel during the real appointment. With luck, your dog will be a bit calmer on the big day!

In the Waiting Room

Bring along some of your dog’s favorite toys to the vet’s office, as well as a few tasty treats to keep him occupied.

Want more information on dog anxiety? We are here to help with your pet’s healthcare needs—call your animal hospital frisco TX.

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