The Joy of Rescue Animals

With the expansion of awareness about animal rights and treatment, you might have come across the term “rescue”. What is a rescue? And why are they such a good option? Remember to always check with your Colorado Springs vet clinic for information regarding getting a rescue animal.

What is a rescue?

A rescue pet is a pet who has been picked up by animal control, left at an animal shelter, or a host of other places. Often times, rescue pets have been abused by a previous owner. These animals need special love and attention from us. If you have any questions about rescue animals, check with your Colorado Springs vet.

Why are rescue animals a good choice?

Rescue pets are all over. There are so many animals which need the love and care of people. They prevent abuse and decrease interest in puppy farms and the like which can also produce extra animals that can end up homeless.

Rescue pets will warm your heart. If you have any questions about them, check with your local Colorado Springs vet.


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