Is Swimming Safe for My Dog?

With warmer weather approaching, water activities are on the rise. So when your family decides to spend a week at the lake or an afternoon at the pool, what should this mean for Scruffy? For the best information, check with your North Phoenix, AZ vet.


First off, don’t force your dog into the water if he doesn’t want to go in. Some dogs absolutely love the water, others don’t. You don’t want to stress them out without need. For more, ask your North Phoenix, AZ vet.


If other families are around that it’s acceptable for your dog as well. Not everywhere is open to pets, so check and make sure they’re allowed.


Always make sure that if there is a body of water near your pet, there is a way for your pet to safely exit on her own. A lack of stairs for exiting a pool can be deadly to dogs. Check with your North Phoenix, AZ vet for proper considerations.

Finally, have fun! Summer is the season for being outdoors with Scruffy. Make the most of it and check with your North Phoenix, AZ vet for any questions.

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