Is Sparky OK?

We all hate it when our pets get sick. Furthermore, we want them to live long and fruitful lives. One such way to do this is to keep an eye out for warning signs of certain diseases such as cancer. For the best information, check with your Upper Arlington vet. So what are some of the clues which should get your dog into your Upper Arlington vet?

  1. Lethargy

If your dog is normally vibrant and active, but for a few days he isn’t, you might want to get him checked out. It isn’t normal for dogs to be lethargic for long periods of time until they start getting on in years. Always check with your Upper Arlington vet.

  1. Strange Lumps

We love to pet our dogs. Now, you can also calling “checking up on” your dog’s health! Finding a cancerous lump early means that you have more options. Keep a close dialog with your Upper Arlington vet.

Being observant is the best way to head off any major disease. We all love our pets very much and only want the best for them. If you are curious about more, check with your Upper Arlington vet.


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