Introduce Your New Dog to an Older One

It’s happened to many dog owners over the years – you’ve had one dog for a considerable amount of time, and now you want to make a new addition to the family. But as we know, not all older dogs like the encroachment of a new canine into their “pack”. The older dog is the original and might see the new one as a threat. So what are some ways to encourage a peaceful meeting? Check with your Myrtle Beach vet for the best information.

Test before you make a decision.

It’s important to do a “trial run” before you make the permanent choice. Take the new dog into your house and see how your dog reacts. This can let you know right off the bat if it’s a good fit. Check with your Myrtle Beach vet for more information.

Ease them in.

The best approach is to introduce them to one another gradually. If the dogs get along together, then great! If not, then slow exposure over time might be the best strategy. Check with your Pet clinic Myrtle Beach for more.

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