International Moving with Pets

It’s exciting to move to new places, especially when it’s a new country to experience and fall in love with. But what about your pets? What is required to ensure a smooth transition abroad? Ask your Olathe vet clinic for more advice.

Papers and Documentation

This is probably the most critical element as most people who get held up in the process get caught up in this part. Make sure you know the requirements of the country in question. The last thing anyone wants is for their pet to be held in a quarantine. Ask your Olathe vet clinic for more.


Moving pets abroad can be incredibly expensive. Make sure that you’ve factored in all of the necessary fees. For more specific information on this, check with your Olathe vet.


Make sure that your pet has all of the necessary vaccinations required by the country in question as well as the documentation to prove it. The last thing you want is to be rejected due to a lack of a simple shot or record. Ask your Olathe vet clinic for your dog’s current immunization status.

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