Inflammatory Bowels in Your Cat?

There are many diseases and conditions which can affect your pet’s overall health and wellbeing. One such issue is Inflammatory Bowel Disease. But just how can you determine if your cat is having such trouble? Always check with your Niagara Falls vet for the most up to date information.


The symptoms of IBD can be rather extreme – anything from vomiting to diarrhea. Both of these are typical causes for concern, so if you encounter either, make sure and check with your Niagara Falls vet immediately.


Often times, this happens due to the gut microflora in your cat’s system. It’s a situation in which certain items passing through the intestines cause a negative reaction – the inflammation. This can be incredibly painful, so make sure and get it checked out immediately. If you have any other concerns, check with your Niagara Falls vet.


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