The Importance of Feline Grooming

Grooming isn’t simply brushing your cat’s hair. It involves much more, such as making sure that they aren’t cleaning themselves too much, that there aren’t excessive hairballs, and keeping their claws properly trimmed. All of these are important factors for maintaining your cat’s health. For the best information, check with your Aurora vet.

Trimming the Claws

Make sure that you have the proper tools before attempting this yourself. Ask your Aurora vet for instructions, or better yet, see if they might offer the service for your cat. Trimming them too much can cause serious pain.


Whereas hairballs are a common factor in a cat’s week, if they start having them daily, you might want to contact your Aurora vet. This can be an indicator of a much deeper issue.

Over Cleaning

Cats are wonderful because they can sometimes spend half of their days bathing themselves. They can, though, overindulge in this. If you think that your cat is doing too much, check with your Aurora vet.

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