How to Trim Your Dog’s Toenails

Regular nail trims are a part of any dog’s grooming regimen. It’s up to you to keep Fido’s claws neatly trimmed—extra-long nails can get snagged or fracture painfully. Here, your Coon Rapids, MN vet tells you how to trim your dog’s toenails.

Gather Supplies

Get everything you’ll need in one room. That includes a set of canine-specific nail trimmers, a styptic powder or pen to staunch any bleeding, and a few dog treats. When you’re ready, sit down with your dog in a quiet, well-lit area of your home to begin.

Trim the Tips

Select one nail to start with, and trim the very tip. Don’t clip too far down—you’ll snip the quick, which is the vein running into each nail. If you do accidentally cause bleeding, use your styptic powder until it stops. If you need help, don’t hesitate to call your vet’s office.

Repeat and Reward

Work your way around to each paw, offering your dog a tasty treat after each one is completed. This way, your dog gets the hint that successful nail trims warrant a reward!

Need help with your dog’s grooming routine? Schedule an appointment with your animal hospital Coon Rapids, MN today.

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