How to Puppy-Proof Your Home

Bringing a new puppy home in the near future? Make sure your household is prepared ahead of time so that your pup stays safe! Here, your Aurora, CO vet tells you what to do.

Limited Access

Try using dog gates or baby gates to block off certain rooms in the house, containing your puppy in the central part of your home. Not only does this make things less overwhelming for your new addition, it’s far easier to keep your pup’s area safe and clean until he’s a bit older.

Remove Toxins and Hazards

Look for any toxins and hazards in your puppy’s area—toxic foods, small objects that could be swallowed or choked on, loose wires, cleaning chemicals, etc.—and remove them as necessary. Ask your vet about the most common dangers for puppies so you know what to look out for.

Family Meeting

Make sure that all family members are on the same page as far as your puppy’s routine and schedule, training commands, eating habits and portion size, bathroom times, etc. This way, young Fido won’t get confused!

Does your new addition need veterinary attention or an initial check-up? Make an appointment with your veterinary clinic Aurora, CO.

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