How to Exercise Your Dog Indoors

Sometimes, you just want to stay indoors to exercise your pooch. This could be due to the weather outside or a myriad of other factors—whatever the reason, use these suggestions from an Olathe, KS vet to get Fido moving without leaving your home.


There’s no substitute for toys. Get your pet moving by enticing him with his favorite selection of chewing items and stuffed animals. Make sure to rotate your dog’s toy options frequently so that he doesn’t get bored.


Does your home have a staircase? Use this to your advantage. Stand at the top and call your pooch to you, offering him a treat when he arrives. Now, go down the stairs and do the same thing. Your dog will be getting great exercise!


Remove all valuables or breakable items from your home’s hallway and use it as a dog run. Toss a toy or a tennis ball down the hallway and watch your pooch bound after it. Not only is this a lot of fun for your canine companion, he’s getting great exercise in the process.

Want more advice on exercising your dog? Give your Vet Clinic Olathe, KS a call—we’re here to help!

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