How Owning a Pet Can Benefit Your Health

Pets provide us many years of companionship, joy, and love. Did you know that owning a pet can also benefit your personal health? Here, learn about several ways that pets are good for you from a vet Roanoke, VA.

Less Stress

Did you know that pet owners tend to be less stressed than non-pet owners? Studies have shown that people who have pets have overall lower stress levels! That may be because of the loyalty and companionship that your pet provides; it should never be taken for granted.

Improved Heart Health

Many pet owners—especially dog owners—tend to have better heart heath than people who don’t own pets. This is likely because of a combination of two key factors: dog owners get plenty of exercise from walking and playing with their dog, and because a lower stress level is good for your heart.

Increased Socialization

Pet owners have an animal companion to socialize with, plus they’re more likely to talk to others about their pets and come into contact with other people during walks. What a great way to socialize!

Does your pet need a veterinary checkup, vaccinations, or a dental cleaning? Call your Roanoke, VA veterinary clinic today.

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