How Old is Fluffy?

Finding a cat’s age is a very interesting question and is important to know for a variety of reasons. For one, it can help to influence his or her diet and for another it can help to inform medical decisions that your Thorold vet clinic might need to make.

Ways of Telling

Obviously, kittens are smaller and have different proportions than adult cats. Furthermore, kittens require about a year to reach full maturity. So if it looks like a kitten, chances are it’s within 6-12 months of maturity. For the best and most up to date information, check with your Thorold vet clinic.

Your Thorold vet clinic is an essential part of the process. There are many things that your vet can do in order to determine the age of a cat that we might not be able to do (or just know about) for determining the cat’s age. Be careful of going to the internet, as it can offer unreliable information. Maintain a good dialog with your Thorold vet clinic and have regular checkups. No matter how old your cat is, it’s never too late to ensure a higher quality of life!


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