Hot Weather Safety Tips for Dogs and Cats

When the temperatures rise, your pet is at a greater risk of dehydration and heatstroke. Here, your vet in Greensboro, NC tells you about three simple ways to keep your four-legged friend from harm:

Bring Pet Indoors

The simplest way to make sure your pet doesn’t overheat is to allow them to come indoors, where it’s cool and air-conditioned, whenever they please. Having them stay outside in the sun and humidity for extended periods is only inviting disaster!  

Provide Hydration and Shade

Provide a dish of cool, fresh water for your pet to drink from at all times, whether they’re spending time indoors or out. When they do go outside, ensure that there is at least one shaded spot for them to rest under.

Try Pet Sunscreen

Did you know that pets get sunburnt, too? This can happen easily on areas of skin that aren’t covered by fur, like the edges of the ears and the tip of the nose. To combat burning, try applying a pet-specific sunscreen. These are available at pet supply stores and some retail outlets.

Would you like more hot-weather safety tips for your pet? Call your Greensboro, NC animal hospital for help from the professionals.

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