Hiking with Dogs

It sure is a lot of fun to go hiking with your dog. It also presents a few health hazards! Luckily, it just takes some awareness and preparation to keep your pooch safe. Here, your Portland, OR tells you what to do.

Proper Hydration

Never let your dog drink from wild streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, or puddles along your path. There’s too great a risk of contamination. Instead, bring along a thermos of cool water just for your pooch, and offer them sips from it regularly.


It’s important that your pet be properly identified whenever you take them away from your home, even if you don’t count on them getting lost. Many dogs have both ID tags around their collar and a microchip embedded in their skin—if your pet needs proper identification, let your vet know.

Vaccinations and Preventatives

There’s a good chance your pooch will encounter fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, worms, and other pesky critters on your wilderness hike. Proper vaccinations and up-to-date preventative medications are the best way to keep your dog from harm, so call your vet’s office if your canine companion needs either.

Want more tips for hiking with dogs? Call your Vet Clinic Portland, OR.

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