Helping Your Pet Combat Thunderstorm Anxiety

Does your pet hate thunderstorms? It’s no surprise—animals are easily frightened by the brilliant flashes of lightning and deep booms of thunder. Pets may also be able to sense a change in air pressure, causing them further anxiety. Here, your Aurora, CO vet tells you how to keep your pet calm.

Safe Space

Set up a pet bed in a quiet basement room, complete with several soft blankets and a few favorite toys. Lead your pet to this area as thunderstorms approach, and sit with them until the bad weather has passed. At the very least, they won’t be alone!


Try a thunder jacket or thunder shirt on your pet. These clothing items are made to help your pet feel secure during storms. There are also calming sprays and other such products available; ask your vet to recommend a good choice.


Desensitization techniques are designed to get your pet used to the experience they’re afraid of. Often, a recording of a thunderstorm is played at a low volume, then the volume is increased over time. Always ask your veterinarian for advice before trying this, though.

Does your pet need veterinary attention? Contact your vets Aurora, CO.

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