Hairball Basics for Cat Owners

Do you own a cat? Hairballs are most likely a part of life for you! Here, your veterinarian Marietta, GA goes over the basics of hairballs, including whether or not they present a danger to your feline friend.

Why Do Hairballs Form?

Your cat’s tongue picks up loose hair when she grooms herself. She swallows this hair, and most of it moves through the digestive tract and gets expelled naturally in the feces. Some hair, though, stays in the gut and clumps together into a hairball. Your cat eventually regurgitates this hairball.

Are Hairballs Dangerous in Any Way?

The occasional hairball is a part of life for just about all cats, with the exception of hairless varieties. They shouldn’t cause your cat harm whatsoever. With that being said, if your cat’s hairball production increases dramatically, see your vet. If you see your cat gagging and retching but not actually producing a hairball, take them to the emergency room—they could be choking.

Can I Help My Cat Have Fewer Hairballs?

Brush your cat daily, and feed her a great diet. These are the two best ways to cut down on hairballs!

Call your vet clinic Marietta, GA to learn more.

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