Giving Your Pooch a Pill

Do you own a dog? You’ve probably already figured out that it’s not always easy to administer pills to your pooch. Next time you have to give Fido medication, try these tips from a Frisco, TX vet.

Hiding in Food

Oftentimes, it’s easiest to hide your dog’s pill inside a glob of soft dog food, a dog treat, or a roll of lean deli meat. With luck, your canine companion will be so excited for the morsel that he won’t even notice medication was inside! Always check to make sure your dog’s pill can be taken with food.

Crushing or Grinding

In some cases, you can crush up a pill and sprinkle it over your dog’s food. Always ask your vet first, though—it’s possible that medication could be rendered ineffective when crushed, or it could introduce medication too quickly.

Manual Administration

If your pooch is too clever for the above methods, you’ll have to administer the pill manually. Gently pry open your dog’s jaws and try to get the pill near the back of the tongue. Now, close your pooch’s mouth and massage the throat to promote swallowing.

Need help administering your dog’s medicine? Call your Animal Hospital Frisco, TX.

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