Giving Your Dog a Pill

If you own a dog, you probably know that giving your pet a pill is easier said than done. Try these methods as discussed by your Marietta, GA veterinarian.

Hide Pill in Food

It’s probably easiest to try hiding your dog’s pill in a bit of food or inside of a soft dog treat. With any luck, you’ll be able to feed your dog the treat with the pill inside, and your pooch will never suspect he’s taken medicine!

The Tossing Trick

Does your dog enjoy grabbing morsels when they’re tossed to him? Gather a few dog treats, as well as your dog’s pill, in your hand. Begin tossing the treats to your dog, then the pill, then another treat. Your dog will likely gobble up the pill, thinking it was a treat the whole time.

Grind Pill Up

In some instances, you can grind your dog’s pill up and sprinkle it over food. Always ask your vet before doing this though; some pills will be rendered ineffective when crushed. Even worse, it could introduce a dangerous overdose of medication to your dog’s system.

Call your vets Marietta, GA office for more help giving your dog the medications he needs.

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