Getting Your Pet Microchipped

Is your pet microchipped? It’s one of the easiest and best ways to keep your companion properly identified for a lifetime. Learn about the basics of microchipping from a Sugar Land, TX veterinarian:

The Facts

A microchip is a tiny computer chip, implanted electronically with a number. This number corresponds to a database where your contact information is stored. When a lost pet is returned to a shelter or vet’s office, specialized scanners can read the chip’s number.

The Procedure

The microchip itself is housed in a small glass capsule. The unit is then inserted under your pet’s skin using a special syringe. Your pet only feels a momentary pinch before the whole procedure is over—all in all, it’s much like a regular vaccination!

The Benefits

Microchips are more permanent than ID tags, as they can’t be removed by accident or on purpose by the pet wearing them. They’re also easy to have updated if you move or get a new phone number; you don’t have to purchase a new chip. Simply call the microchip manufacturer and have them change your information.

Would you like to have your pet microchipped? Make an appointment with your vet Sugar Land, TX.

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