Should I get a Dog or a Cat?

It’s the age old question: should you get a dog or a cat? This question runs deep with passionate people taking a hard stance on either side. So, momentarily accepting that either would be a good choice (barring allergies and the like), what are some things to keep in mind when making this decision?

  1. Space

This is probably one of the most critical pieces. For cats, the world is far more three dimensional. They can climb up and jump down from most anything. Given a small apartment, this might mean that a cat would be ideal. Dogs definitely require more space. Whereas you can take a dog outside, you have to ask, how much time does the dog have to spend confined? Is it fair to the dog? When considering what kind of pet you should get, definitely consider your own living space when you make your decision.

  1. Exercise

Now, it’s true that cats can remain indoors far more readily than their canine counterparts, but which one ensures you, the owner, more exercise? This definitely leans toward the dog. Although it’s becoming a little more common to see cats on leashes, it by far isn’t the norm. Dogs require time out on a leash or in a confined area like a dog park. So in this arena, the dog definitely encourages the owner to go out more. With a small exception of spaces designed for dogs to use the restroom inside, the vast majority of owners take their dogs outside several times per day.

  1. Noise

This is a somewhat tricky topic. On the one hand, dogs obviously make more noise than cats. Barking is the dog’s fundamental form of communication. But there are times when some cats’ incessant meowing can drive you up a wall. The dog, however, decisively has a louder and higher noise output overall. Again, this is something to consider in thinking about where you live. If the dog barks at night, will the neighbors hear it?

  1. Outings

This is a bit contentious, but when it comes to meeting others or taking a pet along for a day at the park or at the pool, the cat isn’t the one who will usually go. Dogs have far more access to the outside world than cats do socially. So if you’re one who enjoys days out and wishes your pet to accompany you and your friends, the cat might not be the best choice.

There are many things to take into consideration when making your choice. Whatever you choose, though, your pet will be there to warm your heart when you need it most. If you would like more information or guidance in choosing a pet, contact your local Carlsbad vet clinic for more information.


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