A Fox for a Pet

After such Disney movies as The Fox and the Hound, who could begrudge someone for wanting to have a pet fox? For questions regarding adopting one, ask your Houston vet.

But just how easy or not is it to actually get a pet fox? First of all, it’s necessary to understand what all goes into the whole “domesticated fox” thing. Quite the exotic pet, certain species of red fox have been selectively bred in Russia (formerly as a Soviet experiment) for this very purpose. Your Houston vet can give you more details.

It turns out that foxes can be bred to be tame and then raised to be domesticated. There is only one firm in the United States which can help you obtain them, but at fairly high expense – $8,000. Ask your Houston vet for more details.

Interestingly enough, these selectively bred foxes actually have bushier tails, floppier ears, and will interact with you very much like a dog would.

If you have any questions regarding caring for an exotic pet such as a fox, check with your vet west Houston.

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