Forget Carrying This Out with your Underwater Metal Detector, Do This

If you want to try your luck in finding coins, jewelry and other relics in the beach, sea or lakes, you’ll need the best underwater metal detector. Getting into buying an underwater metal detector, like most hobbies, isn’t a particularly easy thing to do.

The type of hunting you plan on doing makes a major difference in what machine underwater metal detectors for sale you buy. Most new hobbyists tend to spend $150-$300 on their first detector.

Accuracy is one of the most important factors when it comes to a detector and knowing how deep you are looking to go is an important consideration. It’s always best to err on the side of caution though and if you’re between two options then it might be best to opt for the one with the greater depth as you never know when you’ll want to go a bit deeper. If you never envisage yourself putting on a wetsuit and diving into the sea then you obviously wouldn’t need a product that could go up to 250 feet below the surface. In terms of what depth is best for you then this depends on what activity that you intend to be doing.

Understanding Essential Details In Underwater Metal Detector

The coil field generates pulsed eddy currents in the object, which are detected by analyzing the attenuation of the pulse induced in the receiver coil. There are two known types of metal detectors operating according to a “transmit-receive” (TR) scheme, classified by the type of magnetic field generated by the transmitting coil.

Some underwater metal detectors can only be submerged as deep as 40 or 50 feet underwater while others can go 200 feet or more. It has a 6 feet detection range on land and in salt water as well, and that is a very nice range which is hard to beat.

The metal detector comes with English manual instruction to show you how to use it. You know you have come to the right place for choosing the best underwater metal detectors. There is a coin depth mode 8 sensitivity settings, 5 pre set hunting modes and the most advanced LCD graphic screen for a quick and easy identification of the target. New 11″X35 Search Coil 4-28kHz frequency and boost mode for 4kHz (max deep for coins).

We’ve been dedicated to bringing you the freshest news, features, and discussions from around the underwater world since 1996. is the World’s Largest Community dedicated to Freediving, Scuba Diving, Spearfishing, and Diving Travel. Join the crew on location and reporting live at DEMA – the biggest diving trade show in the world. Unique features include the ability to recharge the system by USB port, easy-to-reach volume and sensitivity settings, deep penetration TurboD Coil, and ambidextrous design.

To get started, be sure to select a model of underwater metal detector that offers the deepest depth rating possible. If you are on the hunt for an excellent waterproof metal detector and you have a little more to spend, this is a great underwater metal detector to consider. The Pulse 8X weighs only 4 pounds which is great for an underwater metal detector. The Pulse 8X has a heavy duty construction, but that is something you want when going on an underwater metal detector adventure. This underwater metal detector is good for hunting out the smallest targets in both saltwater and freshwater.

This timeline is where you’ll spend most of your time, getting instant updates about what matters to you. AC and DC battery chargers Hip-mount kit for the electronics housing Rugged Cordura carry bag Spare parts kit JW Fishers Search Team hat. A complete line of interchangeable coils are available which gives this detector tremendous versatility. Recharge the battery overnight, and it’s ready for another full day of hunting.

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