Food Discipline with Your Cat

The evidence is pointing that cats receiving meals at regular intervals is what is best for their health. With this coming to light, some people are looking to transition their cats from simply nibbling on food throughout the day to definitive meal times. But what is the best way to go about doing this? For the best information, check with your Livonia, MI vet clinic.

Different Approaches

Probably the easiest on your cat is going to be to feed her at specific times, yet have small portions of food available throughout the day. Steadily, decrease that amount of “spare” food you leave out and eventually she will only be eating on the clock! For more, ask your Livonia, MI vet clinic.

It will take discipline for yourself as well. He might meow a lot, trying to get you to put out more food, but it is the best way to avoid overeating in your pets. For more advice on the best way to go about transitioning your cat from grazing to timed meals, check with your veterinarian Livonia, MI.

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